The Dan Fitzgibbons Story

July 30, 2017
For Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota is a very important part of his life. Though he was born in Fargo, North Dakota, Minneapolis is simply where his life is now. Family and community have always been major priorities in his life, even as a boy in Fargo. In high school, he was active with the Sand-Pebbles singing group and a key club at the same time he played football, golf, and hockey. That is because he always wanted to feel a part of his community.

To Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota Data Protection Business Manager for international technology giant EMC Corporation is very important. He has become a prominent businessman in his community, but since he lives there with his beautiful wife and two children, and he has an overwhelming desire to make that community better. It’s why he works so closely with Loaves and Fishes, a massive food program that actually serves hundreds of thousands of nutritious, hot meals to the poor all over the Twin Cities area every year and why he also works with Allan Law’s 363 Days Food Program, which distributes thousands of nutritious sandwiches every year to the hungry and homeless. By making lives better, he makes his community better and that’s what drives Dan Fitzgibbons.